Quality Nanny Placements, LLC
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Nanny Agency"
Serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.
Price and Process
OUR PROCESS Quality Nanny Placements, LLC has prescreened nannies that are ready to start right away.

Our placement process is as follows:
Step 1 - Submit our online registration form (one time application fee of $250 - APPLICATION FEE CURRENTLY WAIVED).

Step 2 - One of our placement coordinators will call you to discuss your family's particular needs.

Step 3 - Quality Nanny Placements, LLC will begin recommending highly qualified nannies that match up with your needs.

Step 4 - We will help coordinate interviews with the candidates you are interested in interviewing.

Step 5 - Once you have hired your nanny our placement fee is due. The placement fee is 15% of the annual gross salary. (minimum $ 2,900.00).

Step 6 - Quality Nanny Placements, LLC has a complete 1 year replacement guarantee to ensure that the nanny you choose is the right fit for your family.